09 5 / 2013

here is the thing, I did not know anything about B5 when they were hot so all i can say now is that they are the same color and height. And three of them are attractive. but y’all input stuff so i can figure out if i need to know more.

  1. kieradoe said: THERE WAS ONLY ONE I WANTED AND I COULD NEVER REMEMBER ANY OF THEIR NAMES! There was a Brian in there somewhere, I think, like… all I remember of them is “All I Do” and I thought that was cute.
  2. peggingwithmalik said: they were all light skinned boys that i didn’t care about and i know that they have a new single but i still don’t care
  3. kayliisaurus22 said: I heard about them when they did their version of “Get Cha Head in the Game” from high school musical..then they tried the whole bad boy thing on everyone & put out “Hydrolics” Again: bad vocals but they got kinda fine. NOW I JUST WANNA FUCK THEM ALL
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